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Generation Girl is a non-profit organization that hopes to introduce young girls to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields through fun, educational Holiday Clubs. Our goal is to shape future female leaders and encourage them to push the boundaries of male-dominated disciplines. We were founded by Indonesian female tech leaders and supported by individuals and companies who believe in our vision of “women helping women helping women.”


Our Clubs

Our Holiday Clubs are held in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, so Rookies can choose which language they are most comfortable with. The clubs are COMPLETELY FREE for everyone, though we do require a fully refundable deposit for some classes to ensure attendance. Don’t worry, you’ll get your deposit back as soon as the Club is over!

As our name suggests, we want each generation of women to help the next. The Coordinating team organizing the clubs are female tech leaders, but we know you don’t want to be learning from a bunch of oldies, so we’ve enlisted in the next generation to help us out!

The Mentors who will be creating the lesson plans, planning events, and teaching the actual clubs are high-school and university students with the technical experience. As a mentor, you’ll have the freedom to choose the technical topic, plan the curriculum (along with fun, empowering activities), and teach during the actual Club! If you want to be a role model for the future generation, we want YOU to sign up to become a mentor today!

Our Rookies are the future of tech who want to learn from the inspiring Mentors. You must be a young woman aged 12-16 to attend the program, but no prior technical experience is necessary! Just bring a good attitude and some walking shoes for some surprise field trips and activities

Winter Club

December 17 - 21

Summer Club

Coming Soon in 2019
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Meet The Team

Nadine Siregar

Crystal Widjaja

Fadri Attamimi

Janice Widjaja

Mila Alfitri

Tsabita Cyavrilla

Jessica Lauw

Grace Tjandra

Alita Damara




Generation Girl's Winter Club 2018

On the 17th of December 2018, Generation Girl held our first Winter Club at WeWork Revenue Tower. 25 girls aged 12-16 learned web development in this one-week program; they were introduced to HTML, CSS and JavaScript and built their first websites from scratch. The outcome was nothing short of spectacular!

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