What is a Chapter?

Generation Girl Chapter is a local team that helps Generation Girl expand our community outside of headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia. These Chapters will work together with team HQ (headquarters) to build Holiday Clubs and other events to teach young women in your area how to become future leaders and role models.

Who can apply?

Anyone and everyone can apply, but you have to apply in a group of three minimum, though you will need to go through an application process. This is just to make sure your Chapter will stick to our philosophy and values.


gen g team

Why do you need to start one?

Introduce new and exciting topics to your local community and inspire more young girls to become future role models

Help young girls to hone their critical thinking and problem solving skills to apply in any designated jobs

Opportunity to create events and hackathons under Generation Girl name to help build 18+ community

What to Expect

What to Expect from HQ

  1. Contact person from HQ to answer all your questions
  2. Holiday Club curriculums in topics we’ve already taught
  3. Merchandise for Holiday Clubs and other events
  4. Marketing of Chapter Holiday Clubs and other events

What HQ Expects from Chapters

  1. At least one Holiday Club a year
  2. At least 2 other events a year
  3. Rp 5.000.000 yearly chapter fee to ensure your commitment
  4. Spread the Generation Girl love!


Fill in our Typeform

Phone Interview

Curriculum, Agenda, and Potential Site Visit

Formal Approval

Start your chapter now.