Summer Club 2020

New year, new skills!
June 1st to June 26th

It’s time for you to join our coolest club in this holiday season! Presenting, Summer Club 2020! Come join our classes and learn with Generation Girl along with other girls who are 7th-12th graders this June.

Also, we’re going to have Intermediate Class this year! So for those of you who have joined our past holiday clubs, you can definitely tag along and deepen your skills in our Intermediate classes. Yippie!


Summer Club Topics



Calling all female tech leaders!

Whether you’re a student or a young professional hoping to pass on your knowledge, we want YOU to inspire the next generation of techies! Build a week-long curriculum that you’ll teach to a new batch of Rookies! Choose how many weeks you want to teach that same curriculum. Don’t worry, you don’t have to teach all four weeks! Choose from the topics above and the language (English or Bahasa Indonesia) you’re most comfortable in. Get involved and apply now!

Mentor Applications are due by 30 March 2020




Calling all 9th - 11th grade girls!

Not sure what you’re doing this holiday? If you’re a 9th to 12th grade girl, join our Winter Club to learn a new skill! All the topics above are taught in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. We’ve also got some surprise activities and field trips for you, too. Everything is completely FREE (including lunch and field trips!), and you don’t need any technical experience to join! You’ll leave the Club feeling fresh and empowered. Who wouldn’t want that?

Rookie Registration ends May 24th, 2020